As temperatures keep rising so can our electricity bill. Here’s a few simple tips to help you save money on your future bills. Although some may sound basic when they are all put to use you WILL see a decrease in your spending’s.

  1. The washing machine – Wait until you have a full load of washing rather than doing multiple small loads per week. Use the shortest wash cycle that is needed and make sure you run it on a cold wash cycle.
  2. The Refrigerator – This appliance is constantly running so it’s important that it’s running cost effectively. Start by checking the seals to make sure the cold air can’t escape and set your fridge to a temperature of 4 to 5 degrees and freezer to -15 to -18 degrees.
  3. Replace old light globes – The old halogen or incandescent light globes use much more power than the new energy-efficient globes so save yourself money by changing them over.
  4. Flick it off at the switch – Even when you don’t have a phone plugged into the charger or you’re not boiling the kettle its still using power. Flicking off switches when they aren’t in use could save you up to 10% on your bill.
  5. Turn heaters and coolers off when you don’t need them – Do we have to state the obvious? These are amongst the most expensive systems to run so try these tips to keep costs down – keep all windows and doors shut and blinds closed, close internal doors and only use it in the rooms that are occupied..and if you leave the room or house turn it off.