One way to save energy and get some cash back when you purchase your air-conditioner is by purchasing a PeakSmart eligible air-conditioning system.

When you air-conditioner is being installed you can request to have a network monitoring device installed and Energex will reward you with cashback directly to your bank account.

The amount of cash you get back will be determined by the size of the air-conditioner you have installed.

REWARD $200 $400
CAPACITY Greater than 4kW or less than 10kW 10kW or more

How does PeakSmart air-conditioning work?

When Energex’s electricity network is under stress they will send a message from the network to your PeakSmart signal receiver on you air-conditioner which will then activate and lower your air-conditioners performance.

You can watch the video below for more information.

How do I know if the air-conditioner I’m looking at is eligible?

Follow this LINK to see a full list of eligible brands and models

How do I take advantage of this initiative?

The first step is to contact us either through our website or just give us a call.

Then we will arrange for a free onsite quote which will include the supply of a PeakSmart eligible air-conditioning system.

Once the quote has been accepted we will arrange a time for the installation. After the installation is complete we will supply you with all the necessary paperwork you need to claim your cashback.