When your old air conditioner system requires replacing, our Act Right Electrical air conditioning installers on the Sunshine Coast will not only quote and assist you with choosing a new system right for your needs, we also safely remove and dispose of your old unit before carrying out the new air conditioner installation. Because all air conditioners, regardless of what brand or type, contain some form of cooling refrigerant, there are procedures to be followed for the safe disposal of old air con units.

Stress Free Removal

There are both Federal and State regulations regarding the disposal of old air conditioning units. Within the local Sunshine Coast region there are certain requirements set in place by area sanitation departments. Often a qualified technician is required to remove the coolant, as with the disposal of refrigerators and freezers.

Full Tidy Up and Removal All Rubbish

Depending on the type and model of your new replacement, you may require a total overhaul of your ducting and system setup. If this is the case, our Act Right Electrical Sunshine Coast electricians not only help you buy a new air conditioner, removing all aspects of your old system, we will also arrange a full tidy-up and removal of all rubbish associated with your old air conditioner system. We totally understand the frustration of having any sort of equipment or property repaired and replaced only to find that the electrical technicians have not cleaned up after themselves.

Safe Work with Minimum Fuss

Another issue we at Act Right Electrical will assist you with is if there is a burnout on your air conditioning compressor. There are different types of burnout and contaminants are created with a burnout. Should such a situation occur Act Right Electrical will determine the severity of the issue and resolve the situation with professional and safe procedures.

We will also continue right through to clean-up, ensuring that all work is completed safely and with minimum fuss to yourself. You will not have to suffer the concerns or disposing of both metal and coolant materials as we at Act Right Electrical take care of that for you.

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