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Ducted Air Conditioning For Your Sunshine Coast Home

Ducted air conditioning systems have become increasingly popular on the Sunshine Coast, especially for properties that boast multiple rooms and living areas. A quality ducted air conditioner transforms each room into an isolated zone, where cooling and heating can happen independently. This means that each user is free to control the climate in their own space, and you can cut the cost of your energy bill by only cooling or heating a room that is in use.

Your Trusted Ducted Air Con Specialists On The Sunshine Coast

Here at Act Right Electrical, we pride ourselves on being the air conditioning and ducted air conditioning leaders on the Sunshine Coast. With over 20 years combined experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to meet all of your air conditioning needs. We are also trusted by many Sunshine Coast locals, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Whether you’re looking for a new ducted air conditioner or need repairs on your existing one, we’re here to help.

What Is Ducted Air Conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning is a type of forced air heating and cooling system. The main component of ducted air conditioning is an evaporator unit, which is usually located in the crawl space of the ceiling. A blower then forces air through a network of ducted to individual rooms in the house. The advantage of ducted air conditioning is that is can provide even heating and cooling throughout the entire house. This makes it a good choice for homes with multiple floors or large open areas.

Here at Act Right Electrical, we understand how important is it to have a functional and efficient air conditioning system in your home, especially here on the Sunshine Coast where summer’s can be quite hot and humid. We only use the highest quality products, and our team of high trained and experienced electricians will work quickly and efficiently to get your air conditioning system up and running again.

ducted air conditioning sunshine coast

Experienced Sunshine Coast Ducted Air Conditioning Specialists

Ducted air conditioning systems provide a comfortable and consistent temperature throughout your home or office all year long. We have a team of experienced and qualified professionals who can help you find the perfect ducted air conditioning system for your property, whether its a new build, or an upgrade, our team can help!

We’re proud to provide our services across the Sunshine Coast, and we’re confident that we can find the right solution for you. If you’re not sure what you need, we will work with you to understand your requirements, and find the perfect solution. Get your free quote online today!

We proudly service Sunshine Coast, Caloundra, Buderim, Nambour, Noosa, Coolum, Maroochydore and many other areas.

Benefits Of A Ducted Air Conditioning System

When is comes to climate control, efficiency is key. That’s why, when choosing an air conditioning system for a larger home, many people opt for a ducted system. Ducted systems are more efficient than split systems when it comes to heating or cooling total space. This is due to the main unit of the ducted system is more energy efficient than that of a split system.

Ducted air conditioners are a great option for those who want complete control over their comfort levels. With zones that can be controlled from a wall mounted control pad, or for more advanced systems, a tablet or phone, you’ll be able to customize your setting to suit your needs.

Ducted air con systems also adds value to your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers for the future.

With regular servicing and maintenance, a ducted air conditioning system can last up to 10+ years.

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At Act Right Electrical, we pride ourselves on our reliability, workmanship and service. We have a team of experienced professionals who are here to help you with all your air conditioning needs. Whether you are looking to install a ducted air conditioning system, or require an upgrade, we can provide you with a free quote today. We understand the importance of customer satisfaction, and we will work hard to ensure that you are happy with the work we provide.

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ducted air conditioning sunshine coast

Ducted Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast

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Choose Your Air Conditioning System For Your Sunshine Coast Home

  • Ducted Air Conditioning

    If you are looking to cool your entire house, a ducted air con system is generally the ideal choice, with an outdoor compressor, air handling unit, and vents in every room. Installation of such an air conditioner system also requires planning for your visual environment as you will wish to make your system as discrete as possible, and with little noise pollution. Your home might be short on available space, in which case Act Right Electrical may advise the installation of a multi-head split system or reverse-cycle conditioner.

  • Central Air Conditioning System

    Efficient, effective, and practical, central air con units are best for offices or larger homes. Instead of a single air con unit cooling a room, such as a split system, central cooling implements ducts throughout your home or office that distributes cool air. This air con is controlled centrally, from one console.

    These air con units are completely hidden, providing a seamless, clean look!

  • Split Air Conditioning Systems

    Split systems are practical and effective. These air conditioning units have an interior component, which distributes the cool air to the room, and an exterior component. Different sizes are available, making it a scalable option for homes and offices of all sizes.

  • Window Air Conditioners

    These air cons are an effective cooling solution for renters or other individuals unable to make permanent construction changes to their homes. Easy to install and remove, you can even take this unit with you when relocating to a new home – and then reinstall it!

    Window air cons are not as effective as newer air con types but still allow considerable temperature control within a room. Bigger units may require additional installation support to prevent them from becoming loose or moving within the window itself.