Electrical Switchboard Upgrades

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Electrical and Switchboard Services

A switchboard is a panel or assembly of panels that directs your electricity from one source to another. The switches within your switchboard redirect electricity and it is the safety switches and fuses that protect us from being electrocuted. Old or outdated switchboards and fuses are a major cause of household fires and it is a simple process to determine if yours needs replacing. If your switchboard is crowded and you are or have been adding new electrical devices that need dedicated circuits, such as a pool pump, spar, or air conditioner, you will need a new switchboard.

For the safety a new switchboard provides, it is a relatively economical process. One important thing which Act Right Electrical will also check for you and advise on is if your incoming mains require upgrading. This is particularly a concern with older homes or renovation jobs.

These days we have so many electrical devices and gadgets in our homes requiring more power consumption that older homes simply are not wired to cope with the load. Act Right Electrical will investigate your older home to determine if the switchboard, cabling, and mains will or will not require attention.

Switchboard upgrades and installations provide you with safety and security. Older switchboards are prone to short circuits as they try to cope with more and more devices. The fuses in older switchboards tend to catch and spread fire easily and also are more likely to give up an electrical shock. Safety switches will most likely be out dated and this is what protects you from electric shocks. The electrical safety switch shuts down the main power supply as soon as the slightest hint of power leakage is detected.

Let Act Right Electrical help you protect your family and your home. We will come and inspect and assess your switchboard and advise on your upgrade options. Choose reliable electricians in your area today.

Five Reasons You Should Always Hire a Professional Electrician

When it comes to electrical work, cutting corners may save you some time, but the long-term risks of improperly installed or fitted electrical items far outweigh the benefits. Electrical faults can quickly become electrical fires, putting yourself, your family and your home at risk. Even though some electrical repairs may seem simple and easy to DIY, hiring a professional electrical is always the safer – and cheaper! – option. Here’s why…

  • Safety

    Above all else, hiring a professional electrician in Coolum Beach will provide you with safe and professionally carried-out repair or installation work. Electricity is always potentially dangerous, and only an experienced, trained electrician knows how to handle wiring, switches and other electrical components properly. If you don’t approach electrical repairs with the right expertise, equipment or safety training, you are putting yourself at great risk.

  • Cost

    Oftentimes those who carry out their own electrical work will land up paying more to have it repaired professionally than if they’d hired a qualified electrician from the start! Although you may be trying to save a few bucks by repairing any issues yourself, a lack of knowledge or experience may cause you to actually worsen the problem, making professional repairs more costly. Save yourself time, stress and money – hire Act Right Electrical.

  • Troubleshooting

    Another great reason to always hire a professional electrician is because we can spot additional electrical problems that you may not even be aware of! Our team has been called out to assist residents in Coolum Beach before, only to find that there are more problems than our customer originally thought. Although this may seem like a costly exercise, troubleshooting electrical issues can actually save you a far greater sum in the long run by preventing further electrical issues from occurring.

  • Qualifications and Certifications

    There is a reason that becoming an electrician takes years. You wouldn’t trust a doctor without his degree, and you shouldn’t trust an electrician without qualifications and certifications. The many hours of on-the-job experience, testing and training that Act Right Electrical’s electricians go through ensure that we can deliver the high-standard and quality of work you would expect from a qualified professional.

  • Peace of Mind

    Lastly, hiring a professional electrician will give you the peace of mind that you can continue to use your electrical items and appliances as normal – and without fear of repercussion. Our expert service will not only provide instantaneous relief to electrical issues you may be experiencing, but also prevent future issues from occurring and extend the lifetime of your electrical items.