An RCD, or Safety Switch is an integral requirement of any home. Basically, an RCD monitors the flow of electricity from the main switchboard by cutting the electricity supply if an imbalance in the current is detected. This, of course, helps to prevent a person from being electrocuted. All homes are required to install at least two RCDs, commonly known as safety switches, to protect all power points and lighting circuits. If you are buying or planning to sell your home, it is wise to ensure that there are at least two safety switches installed. All safety switches are installed on the main switchboard and sometimes a home owner might wish to have more than two safety switches installed. All safety switches have a test button, which should be pressed every three months or so. Doing this stimulates an earth leakage fault and will show whether the RCD is working properly or not.

RCDs can also be portable. For example if you have a work-shed out the back or a workshop set up in your garage, a portable RCD unit can be installed. As a part of Act Right Electrical testing and tagging process, we would also test all RCD switches, including portable ones. This is a vital step both in our efforts to offer you the best service and to ensure that your home is legally compliant.

As well as an RCD that can be installed on your main switchboard, you can also have a combination RCD, which is a combined circuit breaker and safety switches. These are a sound option where the meter box has little or no spare space. Portable RCDs attach to a power board or extension lead to protect you when you are working outside or in an external work space using power tools or electrical devices. Act Right Electrical can also fit power point RCDs which we would most commonly install in a bathroom or workshop for your protection.

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