On the Sunshine Coast, Act Right Electrical offer a range of professional electrical services including property maintenance, hotel maintenance, renovations, air conditioning, domestic and small commercial electrical jobs. Act Right Electrical know and understand that commercial electrical requirements are not the same as domestic or industrial. We know that the requirement for a commercial electrician most often occurs as an emergency and cannot often be held over for even a day. You will be looking for professionalism, a speedy call out response and a long-lasting solution. Act Right Electrical are highly efficient, skilled and knowledgeable. We stand by our reputation, offering trustworthy, logical solutions to all your needs. Every job, big or small, is important to us – your business is important to us and because we understand the absolute necessity of prompt, cost-effective service.

With electricity and equipment costs constantly rising, we at Act Right Electrical believe that the need of the Electrician has also reached a higher level. Speed and efficiency teamed with expert knowledge and cost-effective problem-solving skills are all paramount in order to effectively take care of your needs.

Compliance is of great importance and Act Right Electrical offer a sound knowledge base in all areas of electrical compliance, thereby offering the potential to save you considerable time and money. Compliance issues can often seem to be little more than yet another means of extracting money from us all within the business sector.

The electrical design of a building requires specific attention and professionalism. Generally commercial and industrial buildings have a number of electrical systems with specific electrical designs requiring verification and conformity to all required building codes. It is important to know that the electrician you choose has the skill, knowledge and professionalism to perform the task.

We understand that all electrical designs, be it office areas, specialised machinery, basic repairs or new electrical projects, have unique requirements. When we are called to a job, we first determine if it is a general electrical repair or requirement, a specialised electrical requirement, a lighting system or an electrical distribution system requirement. General electrical repairs and or installations for commercial activity cover a broad spectrum from basing wiring repairs or installations to larger electrical design projects.

Here at Act Right Electrical, we understand the importance in the commercial sector, of responding to the callout and undertaking electrical repair work with speed and efficiency. Services down or not performing efficiently can be damaging to your business bottom line. It can seriously affect your customer service and sales. It is the goal of Act Right Electrical to respond as quickly and professionally to all general commercial electrical callouts. We offer full-service electrical assistance to all types of  buildings and businesses and have a wide knowledge base to help you manage your ongoing maintenance costs. Being available to complete general electrical repairs is one thing. However, the best, most cost-effective solution for your business is to have Act Right Electrical offer our reliable and effective preventative maintenance service to keep your systems performing optimally. Managing ongoing costs and efficiently preventing expensive repairs is highly recommended by Act Right Electrical.