By purchasing energy efficient appliances households and business can save on their bills, consume less energy and help reduce emissions. But just how much can you save and how exactly do they work. Here’s everything you need to know.

  • Quite simply put the more stars the more you save, use the energy rating label to choose a more efficient appliance.
  • Try not to over-purchase, bigger isn’t always better. Choose the right sized model for your personal needs.

Now for how much choosing to by an energy efficient appliance can save you. In the instance of a Television – every additional star is 20% more efficient than the previous.

If you want to know how much each appliance is going to cost for you to run per year simply multiply the kWh number on the E3 sticker by your electricity tariff (cents per kWh).

Here are the average Australian electricity tariffs for 2015. However, your tariff can vary depending on where you live and what deal you are on so you can check your electricity bill to find out your exact tariff.

  • QLD – 28.48
  • NSW – 28.66
  • ACT – 22.1
  • VIC – 30.10
  • SA – 31.71
  • WA – 26.13
  • NT – 27.23
  • TAS – 28.66