Testing & Maintaining your smoke alarms

We can all feel the temperature dropping on the Sunshine Coast as we enter into the cooler winter months.

Its time to bring out those winter woolies and for a lot of people a nice and toastie space heater.

Saying that this is the most important time of the year to make sure your smoke alarms are tested and are in good working order.

Smoke alarms save lives! In Queensland about three quarters of all home fire deaths happen in houses without smoke alarms. Nearly half of all fire deaths happen when people are sleeping.

At present the best smoke alarms are the photo electric type where they actually can ‘see’ the smoke by detecting the visible combustion particles in the air. These are also less likely to set off false alarms when cooking etc.

Once installed in the correct location the testing part is easy. The battery is to be checked at least once a month by holding in the test button until it sounds. Sometimes a constant beeping sound is heard from time to time this usually means your battery is getting low and needs to be replaced.

Here are a few more tips

  • Always keep your smoke alarm clean from dust and other particles.
  • Never paint over your smoke alarm.
  • Always replace your smoke alarm battery once a year.
  • Never remove your smoke alarms batteries.
  • Always replace your smoke alarm when they reach the manufacturers expiry date.

If you have any doubt that your smoke alarms are not functioning properly don’t hesitate to contact us.