In the commercial sector, exit and emergency lighting requirements fall under different obligations, depending on when your building was built. Exit and emergency lighting may be required in every passageway, corridor, hallway and any room with a floor area of more than one hundred metres square. Fire-isolated stairwells, ramps and passageways, external stairways and many other areas. Act Right Electrical know and understand the building code and regulations and are able to advise you on the specific compliance requirements for your commercial building. Not forgetting that all electrical exit signs and emergency lights must comply with Australian standards. Exit signs are required to be clearly visible to any person or persons approaching the exit and must be installed on, above or adjacent to specific areas.

With so many standards governing the electrical lighting industry it is wise to ensure that not only does your building comply, your electrician also has a broad understanding of the standards.

Emergency lighting is, quite simply, an essential life saving device requiring correct installation and maintenance.  It must be tested, inspected and maintained according to specific procedures and yet many people are completely unaware of the very significant penalties for non-compliance.

Having the right product for your specific compliance obligations can have a significant effect on not only your legal safety but also on the cost to you and your business. If you are just setting up your commercial enterprise and require emergency lighting to be installed or your emergency lighting requires an overhaul or replacement your electrician will be required to consider several factors. Some points Act Right Electrical will consider would be the choice of product – does it comply with the standard and does it deliver the longest maintenance free output. Where is the installation location and if being replaced, should it be relocated to a less difficult access point. Doing this could prove very cost effective in the long run to you, the end user. Lastly, can your fittings be upgraded to a smart testing solution which will reduce the manual testing process and thereby save you considerable time and money in the future.

With emergency lighting, it is the compliance that must be carefully considered and the compliance is all about testing and maintenance. The cost of electrical compliance and meeting standards can become overwhelming which makes it of the utmost important to know that when installing new emergency lighting, your electrician will do the right thing by you. Act Right Electrical will make decisions on the best product and installation location for your emergency lighting, based not only on standard requirements, but also on providing the ultimate ongoing compliance at the lowest overall cost to you.