Often when there is an electrical wiring, lighting or other commercial electrical fault it can become a nightmare for the smooth operation of your business. The big question is…. Where it the fault actually originating from? What is causing the electrical fault? How to find and repair the fault!

Act Right Electrical believe that to expertly troubleshoot electrical equipment the problem must be resolved by replacing defective equipment or components in the shortest amount of time. Down time for your business is down time for your financial bottom line. The important thing with trouble shooting is the approach we use. We use a system that allows us to logically and systematically analyse and determine the problem. Act Right Electrical have proven our reliability time and time again by first taking the time to prepare by being informed about the equipment we are analysing. If there are equipment history records we will review them first, including any previous work orders, failing reports or notes. Through a process of careful observation we will quickly detect any indications of stress or fail, including chafed wiring, loose components or parts missing. Sight, smell and sound are only the immediate troubleshooting triggers when searching for electrical faults. It is our expertise and technical knowledge that will then follow a systematic, logical route to determine and solve the problem. Fault finding will also determine if equipment has failed due to age, environmental issues, improper use or even design flaw.

Here on the Sunshine Coast, Act Right Electrical are the electricians to call when you require prompt response to your fault finding call out. From small jobs such as replacing a switch plate to larger jobs that involve design failings, Act Right electrical are confident in the safety rules and procedures for all electrical fault finding.