Lighting design in a commercial premises is so very important, with so many factors to consider beyond basic cost and compliance standards that it can be a minefield fraught with costly danger for the inexperienced or untrained. Act Right Electrical on the Sunshine Coast will offer their expert experience, knowledge and guidance to help you make the right decisions on your lighting design. Commercial offices and work spaces often have a blend of task lighting, architectural lights and ambient lighting, as well as compliance lighting such as exit luminaires. LED lighting can maximise output whilst reducing both energy costs and maintenance, two very important points to consider when installing your commercial lighting. Some basic points that Act Right Electrical take into consideration are power point placement, lighting switches, automatic lighting, mixing lighting solutions, placement of control systems and meeting budget constraints. Building is expensive and when it comes to lighting and electrical, your carefully planned budget can blow out without careful planning. If you are installing a new lighting system and design in your commercial premises, Act Right Electrical will take into consideration all cabling needs, not just for now, but also plan ahead so that future electrical changes are provided for and cabling is already installed. In the future this will prove most cost effective and much less labour intensive should any additional electrical changes be planned. LED lighting is energy saving, delivers excellent lighting results, cuts your power bill, offers positive durability and is both creative and innovative. If you have a commercial retail business Act Right Electrical can offer you advice on the best lighting solutions to both entice your customers and make your products more saleable. Lighting does indeed make a difference. You can use it to highlight areas that you want to draw a customer to, to attract their attention, for signage and high visibility.

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