If your business is located in an older building or factory, chances are that there will come a time when re-wiring and renovations must be considered. If your business is growing and you require more electrical equipment or a refurb, then Act Right Electrical, based on the Sunshine Coast, are the electricians for you. Qualified, affordable and experienced, Act Right Electrical have seen firsthand, the consequences of DIY or generally unsafe electrical re-wiring. The fines for illegal work can be astronomical, not to mention the potential ramifications through your insurance company. So, first, most important step – call Act Right Electrical. We will listen to your plans, discuss your requirements, help you to make economic decisions and implement above standard re-wiring formats. Once the work is done we will issue you with a compliance certificate which guarantees that the work carried out complies with the appropriate Australian Standard.

Re-wiring to upgrade your business area requires considerable thought. What new equipment do you need? What new electrical equipment might you need further down the track as your business continues to expand? Should your re-wiring and renovation cater for future changes? Think about and ask our advice, on whether you want to run just electrical or whether you also need data, fire and security as well. Are you planning on moving forward into wireless systems? What is your existing infrastructure and how can we help you avoid damage to the structure whilst still achieving your goals? Act Right Electrical knows and understands older buildings. We get that they can be more complex and difficult and we will plan to make restoration and cleanup as important as the wiring itself. We will take into consideration the need to integrate switches and plates to match the look of your premises and guarantee that demolition and reconstruction are a integral part of the job. Call Act Right Electrical on the Sunshine Coast now for a quote on your commercial re-wiring and restoration.