Testing and tagging is another legal requirement for commercial businesses that can be a little overwhelming when you consider the cost of compliance.

Because the Australian standard requires regular testing be conducted on all electrical items in order to demonstrate the safety of the item, an approved, licenced electrician is the qualified person to keep you compliant. The frequency of testing and tagging is directly related to the environment in which the equipment to be tested is being used. It is good to be aware though, that new equipment does not need to be tested or inspected within twelve months of purchase. This is because the supplier is considered responsible for the initial safety of a new electrical item. If you have, within your commercial premises, electrical equipment that is not in use, it does not have to be tested and tagged. Only equipment in use must be up to date for compliance standards. However, that equipment that is not in use should also show an isolation tag and be tested before being put back into use.

Act Right Electrical will happily provide a test and tag maintenance schedule for your business, taking into consideration the type of electrical equipment you are operating. Offices, factories, workshops, classrooms, construction sites, retail shops and hotels and motels all fall within our field of expertise. Our familiarity with the official standards and compliance requirements here on the Sunshine Coast make Act Right Electrical the perfect electrician for you.

There are many faults and potential dangers that can be avoided with regular inspections, including frayed cords, incorrect wiring, faulty earthing system, safety switches not working or electrical appliances corroded by the environment particular to the Sunshine Coast.

Testing and tagging does not take a great deal of time to complete, depending on the amount of electrical equipment your commercial premises has. Each item takes no more than a few minutes to test, both visually and electrically and Act Right Electrical makes it a priority to be a comprehensive and efficient as possible. Don’t let your compliance requirements lapse and cost you money that should be being returned to your business.